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Evil Wears a Crown

Auteur: Rani De Vadder



What if touch becomes deadly?

In the mystical realm of Wicca, Prince Orion finds himself afflicted by a malevolent curse, rendering his touch a lethal force. Bound by duty, Slate, a stalwart guardian of the palace, succumbs to the curse’s influence, transforming into a creature of darkness, ultimately culminating in Orion’s tragic demise.

Consumed by sorrow at the loss of her beloved sibling, Princess Nesrin vows to exact vengeance upon Slate, holding him accountable for his treacherous actions. However, when destiny leads her to confront Slate, unexpected circumstances compel her to forge an unlikely alliance, driven by the urgent need to safeguard her kingdom and protect her people from impending doom.

Rani De Vadder is the succesful author of various Young Adult fantasy novels such as Toxine, De Gifgave and De Beenderband. She’s also the author of two fantasy Middle Grade novels. Evil Wears a Crown is her English debut.

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