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Auteur: Laura Dirkx
HamleyBooks Soulmate- Laura Dirkx - Young Adult



Noé has been preparing for this her whole life; finding her Soulmate, the person that carries the other half of her soul, the only part that will make her complete. The only reason for her existence. Or rather, that is what they have always told her. Now, she’s not so sure anymore.

An unknown feeling has crept up inside of her and taken over her whole existence. Love. She starts questioning everything she has ever known and quickly learns she has no one to trust but herself. Surviving in this world full of hate appears more difficult than she anticipated and achieving her goal becomes more and more distant.

And yet… If her Soulmate is out there somewhere, why is it so impossible to stop thinking about Arthur? Why does he make her feel angry and annoyed, though beautiful and cherished at the same time? Why does she feel like nothing matters anymore, except for him? And why is everyone trying to tear them apart?

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