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We publish a limited amount of English books. We hope you enjoy them. 


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A Curse of Crows

A female villain origin story, encompassed by rich new mythology and set in a fantasy world fans of Sarah J. Maas will devour.


You know the story, but is that what really happened? Catherine Thompson wants nothing more than head to America to build a future with her fiancé. When she gets a job as a chambermaid on the Titanic, it’s an opportunity she eagerly accepts. But the fate of the Titanic changes everything. Catherine’s brother warns her not to set foot on the ship. The Titanic is doomed to sink, and it’s not just because of an iceberg. Based on one of the world’s greatest conspiracy theories.

Hell City

She wakes up in a burning city. On the first day, the monsters discover her. On the second day, she learns how to defend herself. On the third day, a dog saves her life. And that changes everything. Semi-finalist Coverfly Screenplay Novel & Short Story Competition 2020


Simon James is a happy man. Until a deadly dust cloud destroys the world and he loses everything. Semi-Finalist Coverfly Screenplay Novel & Short Story Competition 2019

Kill Me Again

An innocent prank ends in drama when top swimmer Lon drowns. After he's revived, he suffers from hallucinations, leading him to the death of another teenager.


Jasper finds out that he's suffering from a fatal heart condition and doesn't have much longer to live. His best friend Sam takes him on a desperate journey to fullfil his last wish.